Friday, April 29, 2011

Lessons in Pack-Ratting

As of this afternoon, I've scored a couple new friends. Their names are Rick and Sue. Sue is the neice of our deceased neighbor. Sue's aunt (our former neighbor) passed away earlier this year. Recently her house was listed and sold within a short four days! Sue is currently wrapping up the big job of cleaning out her aunt's house in order to allow the new owners to move in.

I am pleased to announce, the following treasures are now in my possession.
I made a HAUL at (practically) the price of a STEAL.
 (What can I say, it pays to make new friends?! ;0 )
...Mmm, I love me some Thrifty Success. :)
Rocking chair, I look forward to sitting in you and loving...
~ Dashing Details ~
Pretty stoked about this retro mag holder. I'm excited for the day when it sits next to the rocking chair in future Wee One's room with children's books spilling out of it. :)
This will definitely reside on Wee One's wall. The little squirrel in this picture will forever remind me of our neighborhood squirrel that faithfully, everyday, runs the power lines in front of our house. :)
Sue's Grandpa Ed's very old, very worn plate, complete with his name on the back.
Many, many pretty linens.
A big, funky suitcase. The perfect prop for a future shoot...
Rick and Sue gave this one to me. They said it was a gift. For what I'm still not sure, but I sure do like it!
Knowing that my mom will cringe at every word I'm about to spout, I will spout nonetheless.
I want to be like Sue's aunt. Sue told me her aunt saved everything. Okay, okay, so maybe everything is excessive, but check this out!
Left over plates and napkins from her son, Sue's cousin's, birthday party back when he was a little boy.
Whoa. I love it.
Inspiration: That stray plate from my bridal shower that I've debated tossing, time and again. Today reminded me why I'm glad I've moved the darn, but pretty, paper plate to CA, back to WA, to our Lynden rental, and now to our Portland home. Someday, when it, too, is yellowed to perfection, I'll ever so tenderly show it to my grandkids and I'll tell them the stories that go with. "Did you know that my mom, your great grandma, dressed up in a wedding dress made of toilet paper and paraded around the house at my bridal shower?!" And that, dear mi maMa, is why I, in this category of life, choose to go against what you attempted to teach me.
Here's to hoping I get one grandkiddo as crazy as myself, who'll actually appreciate it...
Here's to selective pack-ratting!!!

Rick and Sue, thank you for being so wonderful. Thank you for taking an hour of your day to give me a house tour, talk about your aunt, share her things with me and tell me the story behind every item I chose. Thank you for making this, my first night without the hubs (who, as of today, began his new permanent placement on graveyard), better than I would have ever guessed it could be. I thought I'd be lonely. Well, I am, but for now, I'm blissfully distracted.

Life is full of little blessings, for that I give thanks.

~ Posted by this mama-to-be, from her "new" 75+ year old rocker.

PS Mom, I'm sorry!
A master minimalist I am not.
...I need a bigger house... :)
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  1. What treasures, Meg! It's all SO YOU!

  2. Actually, I remember instilling in you a love for the old-fashioned. Remember the Jan Hagara figurines (ok so they aren't old and you don't like them now.) They portrayed an older, more elegant era, and the Meg figurine reminded me of you. You just pack-rat away if it makes you happy. Maybe someday you'll unearth those figurines and like them:)

  3. Jan Hagara? I'm trying to remember this...?

  4. OOHH MYYYY WWOORRRDDDDD! These are amazing. I can't believe they all came from the same house! That was a sign, you couldn't split them all was totally a package deal. You have such an eye for lovely things, I'm glad you found them! Thank you Aunt Sue :)

  5. Can't wait to see these wonderful finds in person in a few months!! Eeeek I am so excited.