Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day #2 Where the Pirates Prance, Prowl 'n Play

Sleepy Smiles.
I don't know if this little dude slept a wink throughout our stay in Spokane. If so, it was in a few stray rays coming through our hotel window while his mom adventured and his dad stayed back to do homework. It seems a hotel is everything but restful for this pup. There's simply too much going on in the hall aaaall night long. He ran, he jumped, he barked, he whined. Hence his mom's not-so-hot sleepy eyes, come morning.
Although her birthday had technically passed, I demanded that Day #2 be about celebrating Janna.
Here she is in her cute new coat!
Janna and her roomie, Allyssa, took us to Atticus, one of their fave coffeeshops. It's a long store, the front section a giftshop, the back a coffeeshop.
The best things [to me] abt Atticus were:
This display.
I love the colors, the phrases, the clocks, the birdhouses, the linens, the hungry fishies thrust upward...I love it all.
These itsy bitsy pic drawers.
I want need these somewhere in my house, someday...
 With coffee in hand, Janna showed us across the street where we met Spokane's Garbage Goat. I "kid" you not. This goat, he's so much more than a statue, he actually eats garbage! It's amazing. I'm baffled as to why all the other cities have yet to catch on to this.

This little kid was awesome. We were so entertained watching how much he loved chasing the above perfectly spaced geese. If only I had his mom's email... I wish I could somehow get this picture to her. :)
Roomie Love.
Janna calls this her 'Pensive look.' haha
The falls.
All of us, out to dinner.
Timer pics. You can't go wrong. They never fail to be entertaining. :)
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  1. Looks like fun Meg! So fun to be so close to your cuz! :)