Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day #3 Where the Pirates Prance, Prowl 'n Play

Saturday AM. My favorite.
Janna took me to Pleasant Blends, this a.dor.a.ble little coffeeshop. We shared a yummy bagel and caught up over delicious beverages, just the two of us.
It was lovely.
Here she stands [so cute!] in front of Ballard, where she's lived all four years.

Here's a little looksee inside her apartment...

Picture Wall!
This little 'Pray" thingamabob was such a fitting everyday reminder,
in such an unexpected place.
Ah, college...makes me laugh. :)
She sleeps on the floor, Crazy Lady!
In her kitchen.
Living Room.
In the afternoon we wandered around campus and took pictures like mad women.
For your sake, the following is a very condensed gallery of our 'work.' haha 
I warned you...
Mad Women. :)
Again, in front of Ballard, her other home.
We stopped by Allyssa's track meet to watch her jump.
We went to Froyo.
I fell_in_love with this building.
I wanted to take it home
...and make it my home...
Well, minus the 'No Trespassing' paint, of course.
You think I'm joking, I'm not.
It's everything that is my current dream home.
(Someday I want to renovate an old factory or wearhouse and turn it into the coolest house you ever did see.)
I have big dreams. Just ask my poor husband and dad. :)
But that's a whole other blog post...

On Saturday night we went to one of Janna's fave downtown spots. I couldn't get over how f.u.n.k.y it was. We drank out of mason jars, sat in an old tilt-a-whirl and everywhere I looked I saw brick (the good, weathered-looking kind) ancient pipes, and old windows and doors being repurposed.
I sat in that tilt-a-whirl, with two of my closest friends, on vaca, surrounded by Meganville-ish things and my insides melted.
Sooo happy...
Brian wanted to join in the tilt-a-whirl fun. Who could blame him?! :)
Eventually, I think the enchanted surroundings wore off on us and we all turned silly!
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  1. You two ladies are nuts... in a good way :)
    So cute!