Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awareness, Perspective, & Eagle's Wings for All

In light of last night's post I can't help but emphasize what people go through, much of which most of us will never know. And no, I'm not referring to myself, I'm talking about everyone except myself. Few people I know have blogs and the majority of those that do utilize them as a way to capture and journal everyday life, not to spill their trials. I'm reminded of this quote:

"Be kinder than necessary 
because everyone you meet 
is fighting some kind of battle."

My dear friend/cousin Janna has had this posted under 'About Janna' on her Facebook page for years. I've always admired it. Where most people write about themselves, Janna points outside of herself to others. After a good night's sleep and a little reflection on yesterday's post I can't help but be reminded of Janna's servitude to all those she comes into contact with. It's not just a quote to her, it's her perspective. She's a beaming ray of sunshine to so many people because she's always considering others and looking to give of herself.

Just because I'm unaware of other's realities doesn't give me an out. The comments alone on
Missy's blog post demonstrate a whole group of people facing past and/or current trials. Not only do I have it so, so good, but I need to be more aware, more compassionate, more sympathetic to those around me. There are people that waited nearly 6 years to meet their adopted child. (And I thought our situation was hard.) There are people with unresolved problems, others dealing with disease, others with death.

I woke up today with the gift of perspective. Today I'm counting my many, many blessing and remembering those who need answers, those who need mending, those who need comfort and peace, and those seeking their 'eagle's wings.'
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  1. I recently read something similar to Janna's "quote" and it keeps coming back to mind, reminding me of God's never-ending grace to me.