Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 days old.

On the morning of Sanders' third day I wrapped him up tight and took him outside to show him his world. The fog lingered and there was a chill in the air as Brian and I introduced Sanders to the neighbor lady. We've since learned that one of Sanders' favorite things is to be outside.

Snuggles from Nana after being changed. 

In his car seat, holding on to his plug, ready to go fetch his very first Christmas tree.


That evening Papa drove Sydni down to our house because she was anxious to meet our little man.

  Sydni helped Nana bathe Sanders.

 I can't help but laugh at how similarly positioned Papa and Sanders are in this pic, double chins and all!

 Sydni held Sanders for the first time.

We did a bit of Christmas decorating. 

Then we mothered our babies together. :)


 We love to snuggle. :)
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  1. Loving all of your pictures!!! Such special memories made in the first days!