Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leading up to Labor.

Because God has given me the beautiful gift of a super sweet, surprisingly content baby, as well as an incredibly helpful husband, I am snatching up the opportunity while Little Man sleeps to record our eventful days (or shall I say more accurately, nights) leading up to labor. It already seems so long ago, but I'll do my best to record the craziness, as I'm able to remember it...

On Wednesday night, November 14, something changed. I felt altogether 'off' and my contractions became more noteworthy than the Braxton Hicks and activity-based contractions I'd grown accustomed to.
On Thursday morning, I went in to the Dr. for my 39 week appt. My Dr. stripped my membranes and I went home hopeful that labor would start soon but trying to remain guarded in case it didn't. Contractions began around 9:00p. They were intense and painful. I thought, "Alright! Let's do this!" At 1:00a, just as we were ready to leave for the hospital, the contractions began slowing down and eventually, all but went away.
On Friday we went for an extensive walk in the rain and Brian made me climb the humongous hill by our house, despite my already increasing contractions. I told him that he's most often very caring, but sometimes kind of slave driver-ish. (And in this case I didn't mean it as a compliment.) Again, we packed our last minute hospital items and were about to leave when my contractions began to slow.
I had contractions on Saturday and Sunday night as well, but they paled in comparison to the previous nights.
On Monday around 1:00p my contractions began again. At first they were fairly mild. By 9:00p I was in pain and contracting frequently, but still not consistently. I took 3 baths and 2 showers in an effort to get them to go away. Each time I lay down, the pain was unbearable, so rest was impossible.

[Birth Story to Follow]
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