Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Once was Home... better revisited as vacation.

After moving away three months ago, I was able to go back to Portland for a weekend. I had forgotten how much I like it there! I didn't love living there but going back for fun, now that's a whole new story.
I had missed all of the free bird, organic-loving bicyclists, the incredible food, my favorite coffeeshop, Thatchers, my Sbux buddies, and my Soul Friend, Sam. It was a fabulous, fast weekend and I loved every second of it.

Dinner at McMenamin's in St. Johns with Sam's Mom and Grandma Honey.

Reunion with friends from Starbucks in The Couve
Lovely friends, Lia and Katrina, through the good times and the bad. 
I miss you two and I am thinking of you...

Reunion with friends from 
Starbucks on The Island of Crazy Floating-Home People
(They aren't crazy, our customers were. ;)
Lovely friend, Lisa (with kiddos Mia and Suther), and Soul Friend, Sam.
You mean so much to me! I miss you both! You are the good that came out of that bonkers store. :)

Sam and I went downtown to drink chocolate.
We ordered the perfect trio: 
1 Milk Chocolate
1 Dark Chocolate
1 with Cayenne Pepper
Oh my goodness, I don't have words...
Sam, I'll never forget the day we drank chocolate for lunch.
Portland, I like you.
I can't wait to visit again soon!
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  1. Thatchers and drinking chocolate for lunch with Sam! Amazing... :)