Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to do While Waiting for Wee One

Soon after embarking on this adoption journey, Brian and I were informed that current BCS adoptive families are averaging a two year wait. 
[Reality struck.]
That is a long (long, long, looong) time. 
I knew one thing for sure, two years is too much thinkin' time
Turns out, there's no way around it so here we sit, waiting.

I tried educating myself, but I grew tired of informative reading.

I clung to other's "success stories," but I still had no baby of my own.

I'm taking a break from the books, the stories, and the advice.

My new take on what to do while waiting for Wee One: 
~ decorating the nursery ~
Here's a glimpse into my take on sassy/studly gender neutral nursery decor, minus the bland and with an extra measure of BAM!

The Primary Palette:
Burnt Orange & Turquoise
The neutrals: 
(so that Baby can manage to catch some shut-eye, despite the not-so-quiet above.)
Light Gray
maybe even some Brown...
(because I never can seem to avoid it.)

Here you have it, Peops!
A bit of leopard, damask, a touch of whimsy and of course, peacock.
Baby Come Quick! 
The longer you make me wait, the busier your little room is going to become...
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  1. This post is SO sweet. I had just finished my morning prayer and had been praying for you and the precious little one God has planned to be a part of your/our family. Hang in there....God has a beautiful and perfect plan for you!! Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!!!

  2. How cute Meg! I love the "the longer you make me wait, the busier your little room is going to become." HA! Baby will have to come to Auntie Tess' house for some simplicity and calm neutrals! :)