Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day with M & M

Last week my sis-in-law Amy made a trip to Ikea. As is common knowledge, a trip to Ikea is quite an undertaking. So on the way down she swung by my house and dropped off the wee ones. Moses, aka mr. Mose, is 2 years old and Millie, aka MillieGirl/Millster, is 9 months. 

Together, they are quite opposite. 
Mose is wild, busy, brave and silly, a true daredevil.
A challenge to photograph. 
Millster is laid back, sweet, and eager to flash smiles at anyone willing to look her way.
Lover of Auntie Meg's lens. 
Together, they are quite fun.

Reaching for my lens with her pear-covered hand...
Millie's Latest:
The Finger Cross 
The Thumb Suck/Ear Tug
Millster is a gobbler whereas Mose is much more of a grazer. He seemed more prone to eat when he thought I wasn't watching so I photographed his meal instead of him eating
Silly little guy. :)

Mr. Mose with a mouth full o' fishies!
[He said this one was for you, Nan.]
Such cute little expressions!
Mose and the Big Black Couch...
 He's a Big Time Pillow Re-Arranger. 
Once he's exhausted all pillows, he moves onto couch cushions.
He then rewards himself by climbing on top of his conquered couch and rolling off of it. :)
mr. Mose,
Thank you for turning my house upside down with such enthusiasm. 
You did it, Buddy, you conquered! 
Even more so, thank you for (kind of) helping me clean up. :) 
Thanks for the snuggles, you little sweetheart!
Also, thanks for breaking in our crib.
Next time, I promise I'll have a mattress rather than just a bunch of blankets. :)

I love you both with all my heart! I can hardly wait for your mom's next trip to Ikea!
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  1. Oh, Meg--you took some cute pics!! You nailed their personalities in the short time you had them!! Yes, the "pillow rearranger" has it down...I just got a new sofa with no back pillows-a few less to throw around!! Sounds like we may be by again soon!!

  2. Yeah, what's with the pillows going on the floor as soon as they walk in? Moses and Kolt both! Beautiful pic's Megan, could you put some on Costco for me?