Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Latest off The Ranch

Back when we still had snow on the ground, I spent a day at Circle K. Tagging along with Tess on the ranch is one of my favorite things to do, getting to truck around with her littles makes it even better. Kolt is still most interested in playing with in the water but Sydni's developed quite a little work ethic. Feeding grain is a chore she's had mastered for a couple of years now. Her newest task: cleaning two water buckets per day.
She's a cheerful little worker!
Keep up the good work, SydniSueWho!
Beautiful babes, not so babyish anymore.
In fact, yesterday KOLTER turned TWO!!!
Happy Birthday, you scrunchy-nosed, sweet-voiced, papa lovin', "truck!" exclaiming, guy!
We love you!
We're so excited for your and Sydni's big birthday bash in the barn!
See you two next week!
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  1. Love those pics Meg. We love that you love to hang out with us on the Ranch... we are blessed to have you for a sis and auntie! Can't wait to party with ya! :)