Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adoption Garage Sale

In an effort to boost what we have saved into an even greater amount, Brian and I have decided to have a garage sale benefiting our adoption. 100% of the sales will go directly toward the cost of our adoption.
We are tentatively planning our first Adoption Garage Sale to be in Whatcom County with a potential second sale to take place in our own neighborhood in King County.
Exact locations and dates are yet to be determined but we wanted to plant a bug in everyone’s ear...

If interested, here’s what you can do to help :

1.) Begin pooling your things. Start a box in your garage now and by spring/early summer when we have our sale, without a doubt, things will have accumulated.

2.) In the upcoming months prior to the sale, when tempted to bring your box to Goodwill, Second Chance, Salvation Army…etc., remember the cause! Hang on to your things! I promise you will be appreciated.

3.) Join us! Bring a friend, enjoy a cup of coffee, and browse what is sure to be an interesting selection!

Stay tuned for more info on the sale including when and where we will be gladly accepting your drop offs.  Remember, by donating, shopping, and keeping our adoption in your prayers, you help us get one step closer to our wee one.
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  1. Excited about this Meg... and I have a FEW boxes in my garage! :)

    1. Thank You! Help spread the word!

  2. I have more than a FEW!! Great time to get rid of the things that rarely get used like the Starbucks Barista-Espresso machine and bread machine.

    1. Thanks so much, ma Ma! In the meantime, we should post the Barista on Craigslist. Maybe next week when I'm home...