Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hearts, Hugs and a Birthday Surprise

Each year, starting when I was a child and continuing on, my birthday (being the day before Valentine's Day) has been infused with this world's physical signs of love. From heart confetti to teddy bears grasping red velvet hearts lined with lace trim exclaiming, "Hold Me," "Hug Me," "Love Me!"
This year our attempt at avoiding such traditions consisted of felt, yarn, and less typical colors.

Our Quick 'n Easy Valentine's Mantles:

Speaking of Love Day, we received these adorable mugs in the mail from Mr.'s Mom as a housewarming gift. I love them! Thanks so much!

*          *          *

Sunday, the day before my birthday, my Aunt Barb came to spend a few hours with me. We enjoyed a yummy, lingering lunch (my favorite!) followed by a beautiful birthday dessert provided by Barb. She even brought me a big pot of primroses and tulips for my front porch!

On my actual birthday, for the first time in my life, I had no plans.
Each time someone asked me, I couldn't come up with a thing. My day would consist of staying at home by myself and doing normal day-to-day things (or so I thought.) My dad told me it sounded like I was getting old. He then added that that was okay. :) My mom offered to drive down for the day but because Brian and I were going north just days later, I reassured her that it wasn't necessary. I told her that I'd take a birthday "rain check" and that maybe next year she could come. I had every intention of enjoying my day, despite it's mundane potential, and looking forward to the next when hopefully I would have a little someone to spend it with. 

But low and behold, I had visitors after all! My mom, Tess, SydniSue and Kolter changed their minds, jumped in the car and headed down to spend my birthday with me. 
It was pretty exciting. 
We had an amazing lunch and my mom brought chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Sydni insisted that my cake needed candles. You wouldn't believe the disappointment on her face when I told her I had none. 
They brought with them hugs, giggles and a whole lot of energy. When it came time for them to go, Sydni and I weren't ready to part. As mentioned before, Brian and I were heading north in just a matter of days, so we decided that it would be no big deal for Sydni to stay.

Before they left Sydni shot this picture of us with my camera. It was all she could do to hold it up. :)
When Uncle Bri got home we went to Red Robin for a birthday dinner.
After dinner we went to Costco to buy Sydni some PJ's for our unplanned sleepover. We picked up some crazy-fun leggings and a romper too! 
(Auntie Meg had plans of photographable fun to take place the next morning.)

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me! I am blessed

More documentation of our Two Day Sleep Over is soon to come...
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  1. Looks like a great Birthday, so happy you had a surprise visit.

    1. Thanks, Barb! You played such a special part in making my birthday special. Must be a good year ahead... :)

  2. I'm so happy you now live within 2 hrs drive. Makes fun times like this so doable! When is our next celebration?

  3. How Fun!!!! (so wonderful that you are living closer!!)

  4. What a fun day! I enjoyed the pics!