Thursday, June 28, 2012

A beautiful day

From grandparents, to fresh food, to DIY projects. today couldn't have been better.
It was rewarding, happy, and as the Mr. put it "necessary."
Today was our therapy.

First Brian mopped the kitchen floor and hallway. I realized how blessed I really am. Upon finishing he said, "I bet this is way harder when you're pregnant." Note:  He said it, not me. I am not complaining, nor am I pulling 'the pregnant card.' Also note: Today was the first time he's ever done this. In other words, don't go thinking I make my husband do all my housework. Final Note: I may have the best husband in the world.

Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma B arrived mid morning. We enjoyed coffee/tea, a lovely little catch up, and a super yum lunch at The Grill. B even brought us a big Tupperware of her chocolate chip cookies.

When they left Brian and I went straight outside and each started on our own projects including:
Weed Eating
Lawn Mowing
Painting (and spray painting)

We've been working on a project for our bedroom. Today I completed it. 
Stay tuned, separate blog post to come. :)

Brian and I can't get over the fact that we live within a very short walk of the local Farmer's Market and it takes place on one of his days off. We love our little life here. :)

Cute lil peacock pillow. But, dare I say, not quite worth the $45 price tag. 
(Were they kidding?!)

Believe it or not, this is a bag of mixed salad, complete with edible flowers.

On the walk home we stopped at the hardwood store for weed eater line and potting soil. In addition we ended up purchasing a couple more flowers, a hose holder, stain for the aforementioned project, another paint brush, and who knows what else. All of which we needed, expect maybe the flowers. While I selected a stain color Brian analyzed our soon-to-be-purchases and realized that unless we were to push a shopping cart home, we were past our arm's capacity. While I waited for my stain to be mixed, Brian jogged home for the car.

 Once home we hit it again. 
Sooo many [outdoor] projects, so little sunshine. *

My Grandpa gave me this little dandy. 
Earlier this year when helping with our house, he began to notice my love for all things almost all things old. Way back when, he had rescued this fixture from a house that was being demolished and it's been resting peacefully in his shop attic ever since...until today when I gave it a whole new life.
Although I love it's ancient blush, I think we can all agree that it needed some updating.
Armed with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze I was anxious to transform. But, like the responsible spray painter that I am, first I primed.
Only now when looking at the picture do I see that primer was claimed to be included in my paint.
So I guess I double primed...
Here's a quick shot of the finished product.
Next on my list of to do's was following my overactive pregnant sniffer to the backyard where Brian had begun grilling.

While he finished the BBQ chicken, I went inside to sample the huge doughnut wash cherries from the market.

Seriously though, I did wash the cherries, only after sampling said mammoth doughnut...and before eating my dinner...

Thank you Jesus for serving me a day with cherries on top. 
The day *and the cherries* were just what I needed.
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  1. What a wonderful and therapeutic day you and Brian had. I can't tell you how much this post warmed my heart. God is good!!
    And...that is one whoppin' big donut! I love the way you are holding it b/c it looks like we see the word "me" right in the middle of the donut. Haha!!

  2. Looks like a fun Farmer's Market! Can we go there when we come to visit? Glad you guys had an uplifting day!

    1. Yes! I was hoping that you guys might be interested, especially if we score a dry day. It's a smaller market, but it's fun. :)