Saturday, June 23, 2012

Squaw Creek Cattle Co.

The Hem fam has recently begun a new endeavor raising and selling Local Grass Fed Beef. Our family isn't new to raising beef but business has grown and we're excited to have a contract in the works with Bellingham's Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro. If all goes as planned, starting in September all Boundary Bay hamburger will be a product of Squaw Creek Cattle.
In addition to their grass diet our cattle have recently begun receiving a supplement of spent brewer's grain from Boundary Bay. They're pretty excited about it! Each Friday night our family gets together for a feeding frenzy that begins with pizza around Papa and Nana's dining room table and continues out to the cows in the field. Here's a glimpse into an average Friday night feeding mash, as we've come to call it...

 Brian unloading the mash (in the barrels) after picking it up from Boundary Bay.

 Kiddos, anxious to feed their cows.
Lil Supervisor #1, Sydni Anna Mae
Lil Supervisor #2, Moses Lawson
Lil Supervisor #3, Kolt Dayne Jefferson
Lil Supervisor #4, Millie Laine
Headed out on foot...

Squaw Creek Cattle, hungry for their mash!

 Papa with his little helpers.

 Happy Herefords. :)

This reminds me of the classic, 'You been farmin' long? picture. :)

*** To learn more about Squaw Creek Cattle Co. or to place your own order for 
Local Grass Fed Beef see our Facebook Page or Craigslist Post.
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  1. What a fun family activity...awesome pics too!!

  2. Thanks for being our photographer, Megan. Your pics have a way of making things look so idyllic:)

  3. ohh what a wonderful post - I am so excited for ya'll :) My favorite of these pictures is the "you been farmin long?" one. LOVE IT!!