Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poison Tree

You know the songs that automatically played when coming to my blog? I deleted them. 

I decided it was too large a feat to select music that every one of my readers would actually enjoy listening to. This blog is about all things Meganville and Meganville doesn't exist to please, but I also don't like the image of one scrambling for the mute button on their keyboard when bringing up my blog. So the music is gone, but not entirely. My new and improved plan is to post an occasional favorite song as I remember or discover one. This is an improvement because now my music may be heard, or ignored, which ever you so choose. :)

Brian and I LOVE this song and I doubt many of you have heard it.
It's dark, honest ... beautiful.
Take a listen,

Poison Tree by Ghost Ship

This tree bears strange fruit

There’s blood on the leaves, it’s dead at the roots
The cracked grey branches are decaying within
Just like the black poison that hangs from it’s limbs

Come and dig me up, reach down to the roots
Rip the deadness out, and plant something completely new

I am alive, I will abide
In the life giving blood of Christ
I’m grafted in, You’ve killed my sin
Now I can live, I’ll live in Him

I tried to tie fresh fruit
To a tree that had poison all the way through
It rotted and fell off, it was dead to the core
It even killed the ground, I was worse than before

You can’t tie fresh fruit
To a tree that has poison all the way through
It will rot and will fall off and soon it will die
It will even kill the ground, It’s a matter of time

My Thoughts: 
Praise music has become cheap.
On the contrary, I love that Poison Tree isn't over-the-top, repetitive, and dare I say too uplifting, like a majority of modern day 'Christian' music.
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