Friday, June 29, 2012

Snoogles and Starbucks

I woke up this morning happy. Like, really happy. The kind of happy where peace surrounds and one's level of comfort is so great that one may not be able to get out of bed. I credit my new best friend, the arrival of which was one of yesterday's biggest highlights. How I managed to forget it in in last night's post I'll never know. But, better late than never.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the midst of painting a piece of nursery furniture when the FedEx truck pulled onto our street. I knew it was for me and I was so excited that I nearly dropped my Purdy paint brush on the dirty ground, which would have been a terrible shame, and ran to greet the driver. (Worth their price tag, Purdy paint brushes are my favorite. Not cheap, but the best.) You see, after my constant talk of the Snoogle and how supposedly amazing it is, Brian ordered one. I'd been counting down the days to its arrival and alas it has come!

***In case you find yourself wondering, what is a Snoogle? ...It's a maternity pillow designed to follow the shape of the pregnant body and support back and tummy.

Gleeful over the arrival.
I slept so hard with the help of my sweet, sweet, Snoogle that Brian was able to get up without waking me. He ran to Starbucks and returned with my current fave: an xhot coconut hot chocolate.
Between my Snoogle and my Starbucks, it's been a pretty fabulous morning.

 ...Is it bad that I can hardly wait to go to bed again tonight?
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  1. Go Brian! She's been really wanting one of those goofy things! :) Glad you love it, Meg, and that it's helping you catch more zzz's!