Monday, June 11, 2012

Soul Friends at Fabric Depot

Before leaving Portland Sam and I hit up Fabric Depot. It soars near the top of our list of favorite things to do together. Sam's friend/housemate Katie came too. We went for old time's sake, and because we each had upcoming projects requiring loads of new fabric. 

As always it was well, well worth it. Fabric Depot never lets us down. 

Here she is, Fabric Depot, greeting us in all her glory.
[For those of you who have no other choice but to shop at JoAnn's, we're so sorry!]
Upon entering everything is beautiful. A girl feels like she's walking on air. I arrive with such clarity. Not ten minutes later, however, I'm glad I've brought a list because giddiness overtakes me and my surroundings begin to look like this...
I feel that despite having come straight from a coffee shop, all my energy has depleted. This is the part where I can't remember what I needed or why I came. Everything is pretty but I'm overstimulated and overwhelmed.
This is where wreckless abandon takes over and I begin adding to my cart each and every bolt that calls my name. Do I need it? I haven't a clue! It's pretty and it feels good, that's all that matters right?!

Katie [wearing purple in the background] is quiet and remains focused. 
Sam still manages somehow to appear put together.
I, on the other hand, can't seem to display the same grace when shopping FD... :S
 [Please don't mind the blurry pics. They're actually quite a true depiction of how you would feel if you, too, were at FD.)
I blame it on the silly undersized carts. My fabric refuses to stay in them. To truly serve DIY women well (such as yours truly) their size should match that of Costco carts, instead they are minuscule. If you ask me, they'd better serve children, or perhaps they could star in a cartoon. If I were miniature I would adore them! But I'm not... 
 Struggling to pick up the pieces after yet again my unruly fabric dove from my cart...
Sam to the rescue! 
 I'm so thankful for you, Soul Friend. :)
In the end, after 2+ hours of drooling shopping, scheming planning, guessing deciding, and purchasing we left with our work cut out for us.

Katie, who works at a vet, now has fabric for several new pairs of scrubs. She's saying 'so long' to generic and creating her own personalized work attire.

The final photo shows a small sampling of Sam's purchases. She plans to make a set of Dutch girl tea towels, one for each day of the week, with the help of her Grandma Honey's a-maz-ing embroidering machine.

I have them both beat...
In the next 2 months I will be tackling:
4 minky baby comforters
2 crib skirts
2 hand sewn mobiles
1 silk ring sling
and a couple of other miscellaneous nursery decor projects.
It's going to be grand!
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  1. Isn't FD just the BEST fabric store!!! I went in Feb. for first time!! I thought I was in fabric heaven!! Have fun sewing up all your projects!!

  2. I'm thinking I may just need to take a road trip up to Portland! Looks like a fabulous place!! What fun!

  3. Mom I think I am coming with you! Maybe I should learn how to sew a little better first though ;)

  4. I don't know why it says unknown... but this is Tracie by the way!