Monday, September 20, 2010

Aunt Barb and Harley Come to Visit

Finn was all mopey when my dad left. The two of them have been play pals since Finn was just 6 weeks old, so for Finn, watching my dad leave was nothing short of a tragedy. After experiencing such devastation, Finn could hardly believe it when, just one day later, another visitor showed up at our front door. Aunt Barb had some time off work so she came down to visit. She was accompanied by her pup, Harley. Our time together was completed defined by the dogs.  Between Finn and Harley every aspect of the term "puppy" is fulfilled. Here are a few examples...
Whenever Barb leaves him, Harley breaks out in this awful, high-pitched cry. It's piercing. As Barb pointed out, it sounds like someone is torturing him...quite something. 
Finn's specialty: anything filled with stuffing or a "squeaker." Finn can't be trusted around any cotton or plastic objects. Anything that can undergo damage from teeth, claws, paws, and sheer will, will not only be damaged but destroyed. When Harley showed up with normal dog toys I knew we'd soon have a problem. It took but minutes for Finn to claim new ownership of anything Harley was playing with...and quickly break it. I am still finding fluff around the house from one of Harley's stuffed toys. I can't even count how many paper products, leashes, harnesses, shoes, undergarments, socks, rugs...etc. have been consumed while Brian and I have been at work. (We've learned to move the garbage can to on top of the washer when we go but it's still difficult to keep Finn out of the laundry considering that the laundry room is where he stays when we're gone.)
Together these two make quite the pair.

One day while Barb was here the two of us went antiqueing in downtown Vancouver. It was a lot of fun. We both enjoy photography so it was fun to scour the stores for possible props. I found this adorable chair, pictured below. It's antique, wooden, "little people" sized, and affordable, what more could I ask for? Sometimes Brian seriously wonders abt me and my many thrifty collectibles so I wasn't feeling overly confident abt returning home with yet another chair. It wasn't until Barb realized it's folding capabilities that I knew this chair was meant to join my existing chair clan. :) 
(One things is for sure, every house we move into from here on out must also have a garage because however odd it may be, I've developed quite a thing for free and/or cheap chairs. Just daydreaming abt how they could be improved, refurbished, given a second, third, fifth chance at life, a better looking life...this is what makes me smile.)
I'm already anxious to take this wee chair home with me, plop my little people in it and capture their cuteness.
I took a few pics of Finn and my little find. It was great sitting practice for Finn. :)
See Bri, it folds, look how skinny it gets!!!
Barb bought a quaint little medicine cabinet with pretty little flowers etched into the glass. She's planning a bathroom remodel and shooting for shabby chic so this cabinet was the perfect purchase for her.
I told her she couldn't leave without it, it would fit in her car just fine!
(I'm a positive yet opinionated shopping buddy.)
As of right now, Barb's plan is to remove the mirror from the cabinet, (since she doesn't need the storage) attach some hardware to the back and hang it above the sink.
Here are the pics Barb took of Harley and her new treasure...

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