Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Wknd with Dad and Mom

My dad and mom came down to spend the long weekend with us. We had a blast and I can finally [honestly] say that this time "goodbye" wasn't the end of the world. (Yay!) Part of me hates to admit it but a bigger part of me is relieved to see God's obvious work within me. He's blessed me with such an abundance and those blessings far exceed that which was familiar and safe prior to moving here. He's broadening my horizons, showing me a bigger world, working in me to become more flexible and openminded. I've far from "arrived," but I loved having the ability to look back at a fun weekend and look forward to my next trip home without those few sad, sad days that I used to endure each time my family came and went.

 At the Farmer's Market, my mom and her fresh baguette...
I liked this booth's banner... 
...that was until I spotted this sign in the distance...
Here's a closer look...

Some highlights from our weekend...
>>Mom's cinnamon rolls, undeniably The_World's_Best
>>Portland City Grill with Steph (Dad wearing his camo shorts and muscle shirt to a classy restaurant in the city....and proceeding to join Brian in hovering over innocent customers in order to score a booth with a view. )
>>my mom and I shopping at the Gap downtown...let's not even go there, huh Mom?!... 
>>the Hollywood District Farmer's Market (Mom and Dad realized that they too, could technically be charging $6 per dozen for their "farm fresh organic eggs.")
>>shopping at Whole Foods (Mom and her heirloom tomato, Dad and his excessive cheese sampling rounds :)
>>Hiking in Forest Park (I'm pretty sure the guys did something more along the lines of "meandering," but Mom and I, we got a nice little workout. :)
>>Antiquing with my mom (After all, I've learned from the best. ;)
>>the mirror frame (my dad built it for me, it completes my dresser makeover)

Mom in beautiful Forest Park...

Here's my dad finishing up his work on my new mirror frame.
THANK YOU, DAD! I love it. :)

I decided that black paint, a playful puppy, and wood floors could quite possibly end in disaster. So I took the fun outside, above is my current workshop. The frame is in the process of turning black...the chairs are up next. They're going to be reupholstered and painted.
[Ah, paint and fabric, they truly do make my world a happier place!]

My favorite part of having my parents here lasted just 10 short minutes (but I think that was part of the fun, it was just a quick stop along the way.) I was so excited when they agreed to model in a little shoot I'd been dreaming up. A few weeks ago I discovered that The School for the Blind, just blocks from out house, has some gorgeous buildings and I'd been itchin' to use them. While there, my mom and dad were so happy and seemed so young. At one point, one of them (I think my mom) said, "It's like we're graduating from high school, taking our senior pictures together!" I thought it was cute, they thought it was funny. It was a perfect little shoot. :)

Funky Sun Bubbles :)

My dad decided to "plant one on her."
This is him laughing, saying, "Did you catch that, Meg?"
Dad showing off Mom's muscles...

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  1. You're pretty talented to make those two look good, ha ha. We had such a great time, can't wait to visit again.

  2. These pictures are fantastic!! I am thinking they are Christmas card worthy.

  3. What a cute couple! :) It looks like Dad was having lots of fun! I love that they both look like they're just being themselves. (so REAL) Good job Meg! You are talented at capturing moments. I agree, Becca... definitely could be Christmas card worthy!