Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Kitchen, Happy at Last

My kitchen window fiiiiiiinally has a curtain.

From endless ants to no homeyness, my poor kitchen has had a rough couple of months but, at last, it is clothed. :) I fell in love with this fabric last spring when I found it on clearance at JoAnns in Bellingham. All I had to do was finish the edges and throw it up over the window. It took me something like 7 months to conquer this tiny project but, in my defense let me point out that a big part of the hold up was the need for a working sewing machine. As of today I am relieved to say it is done. Phewph! Now I can move on without any "kitchen-curtains-to-be" lying around and my kitchen finally has the splash of color I'd been anticipating.
...My kitchen is finally happy. :)

I love the pattern and texture of the fabric.

***** ***** ***** *****
 ***** ****** ****** ***** ****** ****** ***** ***** *****
***** ***** ***** *****
This is unrelated but I just have to take a sec and say,
I really, really like you. In fact, you're my fave."

Today, I broke out the candles and in my house, you know it's fall when there are candles burning.
Thanks, Mom, for the vanilla cinnamon brulee candle. It is delicious, we're loving it and by 'we' I mean Finn and I. At first it made him sneeze, now he just keeps putting his little nose up in the air and sniffin' like crazy. :]
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  1. Love the fabric and your "It's a wonderful life" sign above the sink.