Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thankful for our Peeps

Aah visitors, we sure love do 'em!
If you're reading this and you've yet to visit, YOU SHOULD COME! I'm not gonna claim this house of ours is roomy and it's definitely not impeccable but it's our home, it's cute...and the best part is, we live here! So once again, come. :)

The following list of peeps are temporarily off the hook b/c they've already demonstrated (or are abt to demonstrate) the extent to which they love us. :)

Aunt Barb (Was here this week, left yesterday, we had a lot of fun despite all the craziness of two craaaaazy pups in one little house.)
Tess, Sydni Sue, and mr. Kolt
Mom (A whopping THREE that's love. :)
Dad (Came twice and acted as my personal handyman both times. :)
Josh (Flew all the way here from Iowa, just to see us, okay mainly Brian...but w/ Brian now comes Megan. ;)
Rob (On business but we loved seeing him, even if just for dinner.)
Brian's Dad (On business, but he's coming again end of this month and he's bringing... Brian's Mom
Linds, Dan and Jazz (They're planning a wknd visit sometime in Oct. Hope it all works out, girls! I can't wait to see you!)
Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma Bertha (They're discussing making a stop by us on their way back from their annual Dakota trip.)
Grandpa and Grandma VandenHeuvel (They're coming to Lynden for "The Christian Wife and Mother in Today's World" Conference (Grandma's speaking) in the beginning of Nov. They plan to rent a car and drive down to see us.)
Even Brian's cousin Kacie, came to Portland. (It wasn't exactly to see us and our attempted connection failed by just a few critical minutes buuut, we'll let her off the hook too. ;)

Although it often seems longer, we've only lived here for 3 months yet we've already had all the above visitors. We are so blessed. Thank you, family and friends for giving us dates to look foward to and helping to ease us into our life away from each of you.
We love you!
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  1. Looks like you two have a lot of "peeps" who really love you! We hope you guys come home soon, I have this one lil peep who asks about a certain "Auntie Meg" OFTEN!!! :) Looking forward to the next time we get to see you... love you guys!

  2. p.s. just so you know, b/c of you, Sydni sometimes thinks her middle name is Sue. So she calls herself, "Sydni Sue" and "Sydni Anna Mae." Just what she needs... another middle name... as if the 2 we gave her weren't enough.:)

  3. HA! I love it! That's m'girl! Ah, I can't wait to see that beautiful, crazy little girl!