Friday, September 24, 2010

A wonderful friend...

AAAAAH! BekahDear, I haven't words... I assume most of those reading my blog know Bekah, or atleast know of her. For anyone who may not, here's what you must know. She's an amazing friend, she is truly present through "thick and thin," she's loyal, encouraging, generous...wonderful.
Well, last night, while out to dinner, I received a text from her notifying me of a recent blog post that I was sure to love. Upon returning home, I immediately flipped my laptop open and went straight to Bekah's blog. This is what I found.
Bekah's Blog, "Ordinary Girl"
A big time 'thank you' to my dear friends for recording this and reading it at our wedding reception. Bekah, thank you for posting, I love it.  (I'm totally keeping a copy of this for my wedding book. :) The first time I heard it was such a blur. Reading it now, brings me back to all those good times and it makes me laugh. I can just see Rach standing in front of the head table, mic in hand, relaying in all her emphatic glory, our little love story.
Follow the link if you'd like to read it for yourself. :)
I went to Ripon, California in June to spend Ms. BekahDear's 21st birthday with her.
Here's a pic of us out celebratin'! :)
Need evidence of what a truly great friend Bekah is to me? ...I received a package in the mail yesterday. A little care package from Ms. BekahDear. So thoughtful.
Thank you, thank you, BekahDear! (I'm dieing to listen to the CD!!!!)
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