Monday, September 13, 2010

Josh's Trek from Iowa

We didn't get a lot of pics of Josh's time here but these are from our afternoon at The Oregon Zoo.
Josh checked out the lions but all Brian cared abt was the cheetah. This is Brian's first cheetah sighting. Sadly, he'd been waiting for this day for a long time. When he was a little guy Brian did a report on cheetahs but he got sick the day that his class went to the zoo to see their animals. This was a big deal, he finally got to see "his" cheetah. ;P
A closer look at the infamous cheetah... :)
It seems Josh really liked this guy?!
I thought these little dudes were cute. But boy, Mr. Penguin was SMELLY!
Theme of the day:
(Here's why...)

Josh had never seen the Oregon Coast so on his last day here, he and Brian drove out to the ocean.
 (The two of them took pics "to show Jessica and I." ...I get a kick out of this. I can just see them on the beach taking pictures w/ Brian's Droid...makes me laugh.)
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  1. FUN!!! I have to show Sydni these pics! I think we're going to go to the zoo when we are in IA. I have a feeling she's going to LOVE it.

  2. Oh wow - I am so thrilled that Brian finally got to see his Cheetah!! He has been waiting for that day for 17 years. That was indeed a sad day when he woke up with pink eye on the day we were set to go to the LA Zoo with his kindergarten class. I think I was almost as brokenhearted as he was. He had talked about nothing else for weeks!! Great pictures!

  3. I [of course] love the giraffe picture!! They are just so cute. I love them. I had a very similar story to Brian's. When I was in Knd, our field trip was to go to the Greg & Steve concert. They are a kids performance group...and are still performing! Well, my appendix decided to rupture so I was out of school for more than a week...and I had to miss the Greg and Steve concert. I was devastated! So you can tell Brian that I feel his pain.