Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Glimpse into the Nursery

Things are movin' along in my little nest. It's become cuter, brighter, and more personalized since returning home with my 'mom car' full of shower gifts. 

I went in this morning with the intention of photographing this quilt sewn by my Aunt Janet per her request. (She had forgotten to take a pic herself after finishing it.)
 It's backed with this cute, snuggly animal flannel.

I couldn't help but snap the other details that caught my eye too...

Itsy bitsy adorable booties with a matching hat.
Aunt Barb picked out this perfect green yarn (so Meganish!) and Grandma Jane made them.
Our little library is growing and making me anxious to read to BamBam.
Eclectic hand painted canvas prints from my Soul Friend, Sam. 
My friend Erin called me from Oregon one day when she found this diaper bag on a super sale at Nordstrom's. She thought it looked like me, little did she know this was the very diaper bag I had picked out months prior and added to my registry. Impressive!
The crib is adorned thanks to shower garlands from Auntie Amy and Auntie Tess!
Tess ordered the 'For this child...' vinyl and hand painted the sign, even the chubby owls!
Meet my Podasan. It's a swing chair. (AKA the new, improved, cooler, more hip rocking chair according to me.) It will soon be hung from the ceiling. I can't wait to swing my babe to sleep in style!
Tess, I took this to prove to you that your grey washing skills are in fact perfect. (I love how light it is!) Brian had a bookshelf that fit perfectly into this little nook in the corner of the nursery. With my love for old houses and as part of my constant attempt to add character to our home, I painted it the same cream as the trim. My hope was that it would appear like a built in. When Tess was here helping me organize she adjusted the shelves in a way that was most efficient and then measured the bottom space. She had a plan. Upon returning home she handed the measurements over to her hubs who built this custom toy crate for our babe. It couldn't be a better fit and I love that it won't be one more thing sitting out, taking up floor space. Isn't it perfect?

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  1. So cute!! I'm so impressed how ready you are!!! I never was... So excited for you and Brian!! Enjoy this season!!
    Orange tablecloth...Ruffles and Rust!!

  2. Oh! It is looking so great in there, Meg! Babes is going to have a cozy nest.