Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pedi Pampering & a Silly Shower

Last night my mom and sisters and I had a girl's night. We shared a yummy dinner at Raspberry Ridge with the sun shining on the patio, stories spewing from yours truly, and constant teasing flowing from my mom and sister, Tess. For some unknown reason, the recent tales from my little pregnant world have been known to offer endless laughs and leverage with which to make fun. I'm fine with it, as long as they're entertained. :) Following dinner we hurried to our long-awaited pedicures, during which my upcoming baby shower was discussed. I've spent weeks hounding all three of them for details on what they have up their sleeves. It seems they've grown weary of dodging my questions because last night they chose a new approach: 'spilling' incorrect details. Between the three of them every thinkable opposite to Meganville was described. Their words painted a picture that went something like this:

All things pastel (contrary to my love for bold color), bouquets of balloons covered in animated characters (such as Dora),  products purchased at The Everson Market aka The Rotten Apple (a redneck grocer with a Mexican influence) exclaiming 'Hola Bambino' [they couldn't remember 'welcome' in Spanish], and of course, a seafood buffet. The list went on and on. 

I can't deny that they know me well and I have to admit it was pretty funny, but it's left me all the more excited for my actual shower scheduled to take place tomorrow evening.
A lot has changed since sis-in-law Amy made the invites, 
but I wanted to share it anyway because it's just so adorable. :)

I can't wait to join with my family in celebrating this little child o' mine!
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  1. Should be fun Meg! I just hope Mom remembers to pick up that pastel balloon bouquet... I'm busy over here organizing pink and blue streamers. :)

  2. Oh Tess, I won't forget the balloons, how many pkg's of pre-made, boxed cupcakes did you say we need from Everson Market?

  3. Sorry Meg, you must have been signed in to my computer. The last comment was from me, Mom.