Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Adoption=On Hold

I just hung up the phone with our caseworker and wanted to post an adoption update notifying those of you who may be wondering, 'What now?'

After today's conversation with Angela, our Bethany caseworker, our adoption has officially come to a close. For now, that is.

Bethany's protocol (as they love to call it) is that they do not place within a minimum of 6 months of another baby. When families like us become pregnant their adoptions are put to a complete halt. (Had our adoption not been pending [meaning we had already been chosen] when we found out that we were pregnant, ours too, would have been put on hold right then. Now that our birth parents have changed their mind and we are no longer pending, our profile has been put on hold.
What this means for our future is that when Bio Babe reaches 6 months of age (and not one moment earlier, according to protocol) Brian and I may reevaluate whether or not we are ready to begin the process again. Should we choose that we are ready there are many things (Physicals, Finger Printing, Background Checks, Family Profile, Homestudy...etc.) that would require renewing, which in many ways means starting all over again.

A huge weight of being put on hold is the knowledge that when we restart the process we will need to repay for all of the above listed services. In the meantime, Bethany holds what we have paid up to this point (about half of the total cost) as services that have already been completed and therefore are not eligible for refund. It is our prayer that when the time comes for us to at last complete this grueling adoption journey (we've been trudging since November of 2010) we will somehow be able to scrape together the necessary funds. God blessed us on round 1 and we are trusting that He will do so again when the demands of round 2 face us.

Until then, between now and next May/June, you can expect to read less about adoption on our blog. (At least a lot less than you have been reading here lately.) Brace yourselves, though, this may mean increased pregnancy talk is on the horizon. A girl's gotta have something to talk about... :)

*** Our intention to welcome a family member through adoption has not changed. ***
We will adopt. 
It's just a matter of when...
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  1. We know God has your adopted baby picked out already, even though the wait seems long to you.

    1. It's true. Good thing He knows what's going on b/c at this point, we haven't a clue. :) Blessed assurance.

  2. Am so impressed with your wonderful attitude--you are at peace with the situation at this point-have been praying for you and Brian. I know it hasn't been easy....I remember doing a lot of sewing after my kept my mind busy and I was doing creative stuff--hope you are sewing up a bundle of cute baby stuff!!! love and blessings-B.

    1. Thanks Barb, it truly is a journey, a long treacherous journey, but I *know* that in the end it will be a good one. God isn't doing all of this just to confuse us, He has a plan. Until I know what that plan is, you're exactly right, I'll sew on! :)

  3. Can't wait for the day when you finally bring home your adopted baby! And praising the Lord for the little one growing in your belly right now! God's timing isn't something we can grasp, but something that we trust and know is perfect.

  4. Praying for you & Brian as you anticipate the arrival of your biological baby but also praying for peace and wisdom that God will give you as you wait upon his timing for the adoption journey to start again. Please let me know if you ever need any help with that in the future!!!