Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Fam 'Meets' BamBam

When Sydni caught wind that her Uncle Bri and Auntie Meg were in possession of an ultrasound video she was relentless to get a glimpse of her littlest cousin. 

Sydni, meet BamBam.
(She made sure that her baby doll could see too.)
Kolt wanted to look too.
Kolt quickly realized what he was seeing and became concerned.
"It's stuck in there!!!" He exclaimed.
He begged, "Get it out, Papa!!!"
He didn't see the humor when his exclamation drew an unconcerned, entertained crowd.

Although Kolt found the video disconcerting, modern technology can be pretty special.
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  1. That was a fun time for sure. BamBam has such a nice spine...glad he/she showed us a lot of that.:) I love that Kolt was worried about BamBam being "stuck in there." Hilarious. Guess he's excited for when his cousin can come out and play!

  2. Pretty cute! I think Kolt will be a very protective "big cousin",your little one will be safe with him. Now Sydney on the other hand...she starts out by being the doting mother to her baby doll (very impressive), but a few pictures later she is chewing on her baby dolls foot. Better watch BamBam with her!! Haha!!!

    1. One of those moments when we're reminded of her true age, despite how she talks to us and 'mothers' Kolt. :)

  3. Oops...wrong Sydney/Sydni! Forgot I wasn't writing about my niece Sydney. My apologies to Miss Sydni!! :)