Monday, July 9, 2012

Life at 20 Weeks Pregnant

It's been busy around here!

This past Thursday my sister, Tess, and her fam came down to celebrate the fourth with us. We were a day late in our celebrating but we celebrated nonetheless. I felt slightly bad about how much 'work' ended up happening on our holiday but fun was had by all and to be honest, the progress made far outweighs any remorse felt by me. ;) [Bro-in-law]Brian and Tess left Sydni and Kolt with us to spend the night. It was Kolter's first sleepover at our house without his mama and he was such a good boy. Pretty good for only being 2 years old, I'd say. SydniSueWho has earned the title 'Mama Sydni' for a reason; she took her duties seriously and kept her little brother in line at all times. ;)

Check out Tessa's blog post to see pictures of our day's activities...

Friday morning Brian and I stayed in bed, despite being awake, in an attempt not to wake the littles until absolutely necessary. My Dad and Mom arrived at 7:00a and out from the nursery stumbled a very sleepy Sydni and Kolt. Kolt is often quiet, but a speechless Sydni is rare. Dad was left in charge of their breakfast and Brian, Mom, and I left for the Dr. for our 20 week ultrasound and a routine appt. 
It was fun to have mom along and we loved the opportunity to see what's going on inside of me. I often hold my belly and ask, 'Who are you in there?' I wonder, 'Are you a boy or a girl?' 'Do you really dance to Mumford and Sons, or do I just like the idea of you liking Mumford and Sons?' Then there's the middle-of-the-night admonishing, 'It's 2 AM, what are you doing in there?' 'This is sleep time, Kid. GO TO SLEEP!' It's too bad there's no way to sleep train babies in utero, that would be cool... 
The ultrasound didn't answer my questions [Surprise, suprise, I know.] but we loved getting to 'meet' our babe, especially since our last ultrasound showed a sort of blob. It was a cute blob, it had a strong heartbeat, and it was our little miracle, but still it was a blob. We're happy to report that our blob has grown into a recognizable person! I've decided that it's either very private like it's daddy or very stubborn like it's mommy. The little stinker refused to give us a clear face shot. I was so excited to come home with a clear profile picture for our fridge. Instead I was given a strip of photos perfectly displaying babe's spine, limbs, abdomen and many attempts at a face shot, all of which are very blurry. Brian thinks it's pretty cute but even he admits that it sort of resembles Caspar. I'm consoled only by the reminder that Caspar was a friendly ghost. Whew, thank goodness for that.

Here comes the crazy part... My ultrasound tech claims that our baby measured 16 ounces at 20 weeks. According to and that's 5 1/5 ounces ahead of schedule. If you ask me, the lady that is going to have to birth this baby, that's a lot. Although the tech acted like it was no big deal I immediately informed her that I have to get this baby out! She remained unconcerned. I think she's just glad it's not her problem. I called my sister on the way home. Upon hearing Babe's measurements, she laughed at me and then congratulated me for being an overachiever in the baby-growing dept. ...yikes...
Fortunate for me, like the u/s tech, my Dr. was unconcerned. She told us that ultrasound measurements vary greatly and aren't all that accurate. She shared with us that ultrasound measurements taken at the end of pregnancy usually vary within a whole pound. 

The good news is we have a healthy baby!!! 

Dressing myself is getting complicated and can be discouraging considering how many of my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit but my Dr. tells me that my weight gain is below average. [Sweet Relief!] I remain thrilled at this new knowledge. 

It's a beautiful day and me and Baby are off to speed walk some of the wicked hills surrounding our house. Hopefully today's amazing weather doesn't melt us right onto the pavement...

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  1. How exciting to hear about the healthy "little" one growing inside you!! Oh I can not wait til the day I get to meet this precious little baby!!! This grandma is pretty excited...

  2. We're pretty excited too! Thanks for still calling him/her 'little.' 16 oz is still little, right?! ;)

  3. 16 oz (give or take)....I'd say this baby is absolutely perfect!!! And we already know he/she has an adorable, beautiful little face!