Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Bedroom (& Headboard Reveal)

Remember my Duvet Dilemma back in January? This is my follow up post.

Thanks to the help of furniture, a new pillow, candles...etc. we have finally infused some color into our bedroom. It's not complete but when I found this pillow at World Market (where else?!) I knew I was onto something. I plan to recover several more pillows to create a little color explosion in the center of our bed. Until I decide what kind of company it would most benefit from, this cute pillow is going to sit solo. I considered waiting to post pictures of our room until after all the pillows and whatever else strikes my fancy happened to be in place, but that would have meant waiting to reveal the finished headboard. And that would be silly. So here goes---->

Armoire painted in one of my favorite paint colors ever...
Where our little buddy sleeps...and where our sweet babe will sleep come November/December.
Antique cheese graters gone greater.
I haven't yet decided what to put in this cool bin, but I did decide that I needed it, and that it's cool.
One more shot of our new headboard.
We hope you like it but even if you don't, we know we do. :)

I snapped these pictures late at night and as you can see when comparing the first two photos, the colors are far from true. Lame. If you want to see our room at its finest you'll just have to come see us. If you'd rather not see half of Brian's wardrobe on the floor (on his side of the bed) warn him prior to your arrival. Otherwise, come anytime! We do love visitors. :)
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  1. Love love love!!!!!! And there is even a Nicholas Sparks book under the cheese graters :) You are so wonderful in your creative truly looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Sam! You do realize that that book belongs to you? You lent it to me when you were here in February. I have yet to read it which is exactly why it was the one selected to sit out on display. (I don't want to forget to read it and more importantly, to return it to you!)

  2. Looks GREAT! I'll be coming to see your room at its finest tomorrow...this is your warning, Brian!!! Can't wait guys! We are so looking forward to it.

  3. Love the headboard!!! Brian did good!!! You'll love the rockin'cradle!! Enjoy Summer!! Raspberry harvest starts tomorrow....

    1. Thanks, Barb! "Brian did good"...PSH! Next time I'm home I'll need to stock up on berries. Do you share your wealth?