Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #8 Woodstock, OR

~ Cute 1912 Bungalow ~
Up until House #7 I had been thrilled about this appointment but after comparing #7 to all previous houses, the decision seemed clear. Until #7 our search consisted of just that, leaving each house still searching for the house. The little yellow house left us with the feeling that we could actually live there. It was a first for us and to me it seemed silly to mess that up. I think deep down inside I knew I’d love #8. Brian, however, thought it important to explore all our options while in town, so we went. Everything about this one was lovely, from the old kitchen, to the breakfast nook, and impressive backyard set up. We were welcomed in by Stacey, district attorney, wife, and mom of Finnley (yes, just like our pup!) and Tsai, two sweet 15 month twins. The front door opened into the living room which was small and if I remember right, overstuffed with furniture and baby toys yet it maintained a certain classiness. Somehow I found the many contents of the living room easy to overlook as we were led through the pretty dining room and into the kitchen. Just a glance around the kitchen tells one it was old but not in that someone-else’s-gunk-in-the-corners sort of way. In fact, it was clean(!) with most of the features being quirky and aged, yet fully functional. At the end of the kitchen was the b’fast nook which they were using as an office/reading corner. It had those old, old windows that crank out instead of the modern day push-ups. All I could see was me in a comfy, patterned chair soaking up the morning rays with a steaming hot cup ‘o joe and a Maeve Binchy novel. I’d have those windows cranked open old-style and be listening to the birds…shoot, I might actually believe I’m in Ireland, thank you Maeve.
I was brought back to reality as Stacey showed us the twin’s room, the big beautiful [recently remodeled] bathroom, and the roomy, upstairs loft with slanted ceilings which they were using as the master bedroom. The basement offered a small bonus room, extra closet space and an unfinished laundry room. Stacey and her husband had redone the backyard complete with fire pit, raised garden beds, new grass and beautiful landscaping. Oh, and it had a tall, wood fence, none of that see-through nonsense. The backyard and kitchen were the real “kickers” the house had to offer. They were AMAZING. In addition to my love for old brick, I also have what my dad has dubbed a “frame fetish” and an infatuation with the color orange. (Stay tuned for pics of the house we now call “home,” complete with orange sheets. :) Although this adorable bungalow didn’t offer brick, it did have the other 2 of my recent interests. The kitchen cupboards were white which I felt rang true to the originality of the house, being built in 1912. The top row of cupboards lacked doors and were painted ORANGE inside. To me, it was brilliant! There was crown molding that ran ¾ up the wall, tying the living room and dining room together. Stacey had hung picture frames with fishing wire from the molding at varying heights around the room. Again, so clever. :) WOW, I belong in this house, I thought. We left, application in hand and my mind stuck as to what to do now?!
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