Friday, June 4, 2010

What Moving Taught Megan

As mentioned before, I have a “frame fetish.” That’s what my dad calls it.

Dutch clean is a clean that is only understood and maintained by the Dutch…which is why every Dutch girl needs a Dutch momma as great as mine to conquer any house she may move into that was previously inhabited by non Dutch. :)

I don’t like to clean. I’ll do it b/c I’m Dutch and the alternative is despicable…but I won’t like it while I do it.

I_DESPISE_ANTS. I have even found myself wondering why God needed to create them. I’m sure there was a great reason but I think they’re the worst.

Growing up, I adored my dad and yet still managed to take him for granted. He’s amazing. I think that every house should come with a man as handy as him. No offense Brian. (I can say this b/c Brian has already admitted to me that his skills "differ greatly from my dad’s.")
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  1. Hey you! So here is where we can see what you guys are up to.:) I'm right there with ya on not LIKING to clean, but really liking things clean. Unfortunately, I don't have actual VM blood, so I'm not as good at it as you and your mom are, I'm sure! How is Vancouver treating you guys? Hope all is well!
    p.s. ditto on the sticking to "our verse!" much easier said than done!