Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #2 Oregon City, OR

~ Rambler with a Green Door ~
House #2 was tucked away on a short dead end, hill-of-a-road. It was set behind a couple of large, historic homes but very near downtown and the train meaning that quite a bit of traffic noise remained despite the dead end. We knocked on the GREEN door, (which instantly had me excited) and were welcomed in by Holly. Little did I know, upon leaving, Holly would inform us that the door was soon to be replaced and much to my disappointment would no longer be green. It was an older home and although the eyes had a hard time resting on any one thing due to the amount of stuff strewn everywhere, there was a pretty mantle that had me jazzed. Not only are mantles hard to come by in rentals but the ones I’d found in the past hadn’t been worth looking at. A turtle aquarium took up a good portion of the living room and a there was some sort of preserved blowfish hanging from the ceiling in the corner whose bulging eyes stared at you from across the room…so odd. The bathroom however, was a breath of fresh air. It had been the focus of their recent remodel and had the cutest little sinks that sat atop the counter. The combination of the new sinks, bathtub, tile and paint gave the bathroom a fresh, clean feel while maintaining an old school d├ęcor. (As it turns out, the bathroom was the only room I felt the need to revisit before leaving. I wonder if we’d chosen this house, would it have been my favorite room, the one I hung out in? Looks like it’s a good thing we decided it was overpriced!) The two bedrooms did their best to hold funny area rugs, clutter, and over-stuffed closets without bursting out the windows and through the fence outside. The kitchen wasn’t anything special. The only thing that distinguished it was its light pink paint which, like the green door, was on its way out. From the dining room/kitchen there were French doors leading out to a big deck, and lush, fenced backyard. Finn would have loved it back there. The only thing worth saying abt the garage is that it reeked of the 3 dirty, dirty, crotch-sniffing dogs that currently called it home…gross. Oh, and it doubled as laundry room, so there goes any chance of clean smelling clothes! I snapped a few pics as we drove away…They lack in quality and I’m not proud of them but they were nice to have to refer back to. Plus, a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?!

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