Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #4 Lake Oswego, OR

~ Cabin Under Construction ~
On our way to another Craiglist post, I quickly told Brian at the very last minute to turn onto a little side road b/c a sign had caught my eye. I had my eyes peeled for “For Rent” signs, but as we drove up to the little shack beneath the trees we realized this particular sign read, “NO TRESPASSING!” Ironically this next door neighbor’s mailbox said, “For Rent.” We peered beyond the mailbox, down the hill and through the trees and undergrowth. It was a little cabin with building materials strewn all around the yard, if only there had been a yard in existence, instead there was dirt and a sort of mini forest. The front door was swung wide open and there were two men working inside. I think they were Russian, they had heavy accents and I had a difficult time understanding them and they me. Somehow I got across to them that we were (aka: *I* was) interested in renting. By this time Brian was convinced I’d gone insane but that didn’t stop me from entering the house and demanding that two strange men allow me a “look-see.” It was a two bedroom and it smelled wonderfully of fresh cut lumber and trees. It offered an open, log cabin feel and big windows looking out at what could be a pretty sight if only one were to dedicate hours upon hours of labor into the surrounding “yard.” We called the number on the sign and a lady with the same accent answered. She fed us some goofy information such as her claim that the “yard” was fully fenced. I guess by fenced she meant you can close your eyes, imagine a fence, and maybe one will appear?! The monthly price tag was more than lofty for this unfinished abode so we moved on.
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