Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #5 Lake Oswego, OR

~ “Curve Appeal” ~
Brian was on the phone as we drove away from House #3 and once again I made him slam on the brakes (my poor Passat’s brakes!) and pull into a little driveway with a sign out by the road. While Brian talked to yet another woman with a house for rent on Craigslist, I got out and wandered around this cute little white house. I quite liked it. The yard, like many rentals, had been abandoned but at least this one had a yard. Plus, it seemed it hadn’t been vacant for ages and ages. It was cute and I could see myself living there. I got back in the car and told Brian that it had great curB appeal. He’d never heard of curb appeal and instead heard “curve appeal.” He replied, “CURVE APPEAL?!?!!” I said yeah, thinking he’d heard me right. He repeated it again with even more expression and then proceeded to draw with his fingers in the air, the outline of an oober curvy woman. This made me understand what he was thinking after a good minute spent laughing I explained curB appeal to Brian. “You know like what they do on TLC’s “Designed to Sell.” This he also hadn’t heard of but it got the point across. We were no longer talking about bootylicious girls, but rather attractive houses. :) Brian called the number on the sign. It was an ancient sounding woman who held no interest in speaking with us about the house because she thought she had it rented to someone else. We crossed this house off before it ever even made it on our list.
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