Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #7 Vancouver, WA

~ Cheerful Yellow House with Carport and Garage on Dead End Rd ~
This was the first of 2 houses I was anxious to see. (Ironically, they were the last 2 we were able to view.) We arrived 20 minutes early—love that, and the owner was already there waiting for us—love that even more. :) This house also had great curb appeal but I refrained from telling Brian. I wanted to avoid making the impression of two giggling young-ins as we stepped out of our car. The owner, an attractive mom dressed in business attire met us halfway across the lawn with a firm handshake. She was down to business and it was refreshing following the disappointment of Mr. Handyman, who never once so much as offered his hand. We entered the living room through the front door and surprise, it was easy on the eyes! So often rentals have unfavorable quirks ranging from ugly light fixtures, to funny smells, to old paint; this one had none. It was move-in ready and not only was the paint in good condition but the colors were pretty. (Gotta love Restoration Hardware. :) Off one end of the living room was the bathroom and both bedrooms. The bathroom was clean, can you believe it?! It offered a pretty pedestal sink and although the thought of no counter space worried me, I think it added to the charm. The bedrooms were simple but nice. The closets were itsy bitsy but I tried to be positive. I reminded myself that after all these moves and our recent Relay for Life garage sale my closet has undergone 3 noteworthy cleanses in just 9 months! Off the other end of the living room was the dining room leading into the kitchen. There was a door at the end of the kitchen which brought you down two steps and into the laundry room. The laundry room had a back door which opened up under the carport by the garage and into the backyard. The backyard was 100% fenced, a treasure Finn has never had the pleasure of experiencing. We liked this one and left confident that this was our first choice.

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  1. Wow, it may not have been your first choice, but it looks amazingly nice. The cabinets, the cleanness, the wood floors, the clean cut great grass. It looks so cute and liveable! (I've been on more house-hunting trips with my parents than I can count, so I know some of your feelings. Ugh. The clean part is practically a seller in and of itself! :)