Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 12 Getting Home=Making Decision

Before leaving town the following day we dropped applications by house #7 and #8. I secretly crossed my fingers that Stacey from #8 would magically find time in her busy life to submit our background checks, realize we were clean people and want us to live in her house. Upon arriving home we received a call from Stacie (#7) saying that we’d been approved. This came as a disappointment to me but after much convincing from my business-minded hubby we knew that as far as money goes, #7 was the wise decision. I often resist the wise decision but here we sit in our cute little house abt to save hundreds of dollars each month just by choosing "the right house.” As a result, we’ve decided to put the dollar difference between #7 and #8 into a savings account for what will someday make up our down payment on a house that will truly be ours. Grown up decisions can be hard but in the end, they are rewarding. :)
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  1. Ahh Meg, so proud of you:) Someday you'll be glad to have a downpayment on the "perfect" home!