Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #1 Camas, WA

~ O.V.E.R.G.R.O.W.N Jungle ~
We made great time on our drive south so we decided to stop in Camas, WA. We vaguely remembered seeing a Craigslist posting that somehow, who knows how(?!), had sparked our interest. Oh, how very deceiving Craigslist can be. We arrived in Camas and made the quick conclusion that although the couple blocks of “downtown” were cute, the rest of the town…not as much. We called the owner of the house and were informed that our only shot at viewing the house was a drive-by b/c the current tenants were being evicted. (Always a good sign, right?! ;) So we did just that, drove by. Pam, our sometimes trusty GPS, directed us there yet, at first, we failed to notice the house due to the ridiculous amount of foliage growing in front of, behind and on top of the house. Aha, this is why there were no pics posted of the exterior. Now we get it.
Looking back, I guess Camas was a good place to start. It served as a great, “rest stop,” for Finn to do his business and leaving Camas we were able to check one off our list, the drab house beneath a jungle. We headed on to what would hopefully be greener pastures…although, ironically, a little less green would be preferred.
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