Thursday, June 3, 2010

House #3 Oregon City, OR

~ Brick Beauty ~
We liked the little bit of Oregon City we’d seen on our way to house #2 so we decided to do a little exploring and see what else the town had to offer. Turns out, there’s an amazing historic district up on the hill overlooking the town and the river. We stumbled across this breathtaking home on a corner lot. I’ve just discovered (and declared over and over to Brian) my newfound love for brick that is, when it’s “just right,” of course. Wouldn’t you know it; the entirety of the front side of the house was covered in old brick. With its rectangular shape and my love for angles and boxy-ness…this house reeled me in fast. It was huge and for sale and we were seeking small and for rent but did that stop me? Absolutely not. I’m a hopeless dreamer, hence the title of this blog, and my often impractical way of thinking couldn’t form a good enough reason to resist gazing at this spectacular sight. I made Brian drive around the block so I could catch a glimpse of it from all angles. Wow. We paused in front of the house and I grabbed a pamphlet. A whopping $500,000 dollars and we could call this one our own!!!!! I was jerked back to reality as we slowly pulled back onto the street and continued on. Thank God for a husband that’s willing to play along with my silliness…don’t know what I’d do without you, Brian. I love our ridiculous dynamic. :]

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  1. wow! beau-ti-ful! I can see the draw... hey, what's $500,00?!?