Friday, June 4, 2010

What Moving Taught Brian

Hardwood floors are hard on one’s bum. He discovered this while sitting in our empty house waiting for the movers to arrive. They were scheduled to be there at 8:00am. They finally arrived at 4:30pm. That’s a lot of hardwood sittin’. :/

Getting your wife to complain has been known to magically produce $100. On the day of our move, sometime in the early afternoon, the movers still had not arrived. Judging by the past and my knowledge of Brian’s tendency to back down in tense situations and the fact that I tend to “cowgirl up,” I knew that it was up to me to make the more-than-disapproving phone call to the movers. I did just that and when they finally arrived, they presented Brian with an apology and a $100 Target gift card. Brian was impressed. (He even thanked me!) Sometimes it literally pays to be firm. :)
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